Now Your Kids Can Be Fat Free

Submitted by: David W Richards

Chubby kids might look cute. A little chubby is ok. Yet, too chubby is not good.

Obesity can lead your kids to some health problems. Some of them are diabetes and high blood pressure. Stress can also be caused by obesity. Obesity can also make them difficult to move their body.

That is why parents should do something either to avoid their kids from gaining too much weight or to help them lose weight so that they don t have to suffer from obesity.

Here are some tips you can try:

Healthy Food


Try to always serve healthy food only at your house. This doesn t apply only to the fat kid but also to you and the whole family. If you want him/her to eat healthy food, you also have to. Turn it into your family s lifestyle.


Try to make it enjoyable by supporting all the required equipment such as a basket ring, a pair of running shoes, a new racket, a beautiful swimming suit, baseball bats, gloves and shoes, etc. You also need to take part. You can all swim, jog or walk your dog together. Make it as fun as possible so that they will ask for it.


Involve them in your household tasks. Give them some responsibilities. And, promise them something in return for their good job. By helping you doing some household tasks, they can move a lot. Not only you ve got a spick and span home, you can also help the kids burn their fat.

No video game

If you don t have one in your house, that is good. Don t plan to have it. It makes your kids sit down all day and move less which is one of the main factors of obesity. If you happen to already have one, don t upgrade it. And, create a rule or schedule when the kids can play and cannot play. Be smart about it.

If those don t work, you d better contact your doctor and get some help.

About the Author: David W Richards is a happy father of two boys interested in health & parenting. He conducts some interesting sites on

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