Best Indianapolis Neighborhoods For Families

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Indianapolis is one of the best places to raise a family in the United States. The city’s suburbs have been well-known for years and the city’s dedication to downtown-area development is also adding entertainment and new Indiana real estate options. Researching real estate in Indianapolis can be difficult if you are a family since you have so many factors to consider. Some families perfer to live closer to the city, others look for the best school systems. Factors for buying real estate in Indianapolis for families may change based on the age of the child, prices of the homes as well as other factors. Here are just a few examples of the communities to buy Indiana real estate for families.

The very first step to owning a piece of Indianapolis Indiana real estate is to do research. Determine where you want to live and why. Knowing the neighborhood around the home is just as important as visiting the home when buying real estate in Indianapolis. Then research property values in the area to get an idea of what your home should cost. If a home is listed much higher or lower than the value of the homes around, question why. Does the home have features or missing features? Is the size larger/smaller or newer/older than surrounding homes? Is it in major need of repair? Thanks to the Internet, you can research any real estate in Indianapolis and get detailed information so you can go into a home with knowledge built in. This will give you an advantage should you make an offer.


If you’re looking for Indiana real estate close to Indianapolis but with all the feel and charm of the country, consider bringing your family to Avon. Avon has seen growth of almost 100% from the turn of the century to today. People are buying Indiana real estate in Avon because of the highly-rated public school options and the friendly reputation of Avon’s residents. Plus you’re just about 15 minutes away from downtown Indianapolis.

Another great western-suburb to buy real estate in Indianapolis is Plainfield. Plainfield is great for nature lovers, bike riders, and active families with lots of parts and recreation options in a beautiful setting. Hummel Park in Plainfield offers lots of sports options, including basketball courts, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts and lakes for fishing. All activities that are great for kids and adults. Real estate in Indianapolis is going fast in Plainfield because it is one of the few communities in the nation to have all of its schools receive four stars for two consecutive years.

Lawrence Township is just east of Indianapolis and offers lots of options for families. Lawrence is one of the most accessible Indianapolis suburbs with lots of freeway access for families who have to commute to work in downtown Indianapolis. Real estate in Indianapolis around Lawrence Township offers a good mix of urban and rural life with top rated schools, lots of retail options and parks.

This is just the start of all the great areas for real estate in Indianapolis for families. If your family is looking for the perfect place to live, the real estate in Indianapolis experts at Ala Carte Realty are here to help. We can assist your family with finding the perfect home in the perfect location no matter what your needs are. We are the leaders in real estate in Indianapolis and our friendly staff will listen to your needs to make sure that you find the perfect home for your family. Contact Ala Carte Realty anytime by visiting us online at and let us know about your family’s needs!

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