Using A Chinchilla Dust Bath}

Using A Chinchilla Dust Bath


Chloe T. Davis

Taking a dust bath is one of the typically behaviors of chinchillas. They dont have any other way to clean themselves aside from rolling in volcanic ash. For chinchillas to be able to keep their luxurious fur soft, fresh and glowing they indeed require regular dust bath. Hence, chinchillas are fond of doing it.

Inexperienced chinchilla lovers should be certain in providing a dust bath for their pets. Thats definitely easy. Never dare to get your little pets soaked in the water. Water removes natural oils that protect the chinchillas skin and keeps their body temperatures in check. Thats mainly the reason why pet stores are offering chinchilla dust for bathing. It is solely made for them. Sand and powders may give that similar look and feel, but may not get through a chinchillas thick coat the way chinchilla dust does. The chinchilla dust is the kind that penetrates the thick fur and reaches the skin. The fur is cleaned by absorbing the oil and dirt. The fur is cleaned by absorbing the oil and dirt.

Chinchilla dust should be contained in a heavy, tip-resistant dish. It should be slightly larger than the animal itself. To keep the dust from flying all over the place, the container should be slightly enclosed like a goldfish bowl. The container shouldnt be really full of dust, just a couple inches will do. Chinchillas are nocturnal and will usually take a bath at night when they are most active so its wise to leave the bath during that time. You can reuse the same dust several times in a row providing you clean up the mess. Immediately dispose the old dust and replace it with a fresh dust when the appearance looks dirty. It is preferred not to leave the dust bath inside the cage for good. Chinchillas love the dust bath, but too much bathing can dry their skin; or theyll use the dust bath as their litter box. Offer the bath for a short time, such as overnight, and then remove it first thing in the morning. If the dust bowl remains in the cage for too long, it can irritate your chinchillas eyes.

To be precise, chinchillas can have their dust bath at least twice a week, often in the evening when they are most active. Twice a week should be enough, but you can have your chinchilla on more baths if the fur becomes too rough or oily. On humid days, more bathing is necessary. Chinchillas that live in a dry environment need to have fewer dust baths. Upon bathing, about ten to 15 minutes should be enough. If your chinchilla starts scratching a lot and has flaky skin, reduce the time they take in bathing.

Youll enjoy watching your chinchilla rolling around in the dust as chinchilla owners all do. Youll see a unique sense of innocence in its adorable behavior. Just a tip, if you like to watch your little pet bathe, you can get a transparent glass dish for them. Any other dish can get scratched, and youll miss the enjoyable view.

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Using A Chinchilla Dust Bath}