Teeth Whitening In Matawan For A Smile You Can’t Wait To Share

byAlma Abell

When meeting others for the first time, you probably notice a few things such as their height and hair color. Most also pay a great deal of attention to a person’s smile. Most adults (almost 100 percent) state a person’s smile is a great social asset and almost three-quarters say a person’s smile, if unattractive, can affect their career. If your smile isn’t everything you want it to be, you may wish to consider seeing a Cosmetic Dentist. A popular treatment at the dentist is Teeth Whitening in Matawan and one that everyone should consider as a white smile is one most can’t wait to show off.


Baby teeth tend to be very white and yet the color of the teeth darkens over time. Many factors contribute to this, including genetics, the aging process, antibiotic use and the consumption of certain foods. Teeth may darken from the inside out also due to tooth decay, issues with a root canal, excessive fluoride levels and more. No matter what has lead to the teeth becoming discolored, teeth whitening procedures can be of great help.

Over the counter products have taken off over the past few years and many options are offered. One may choose to use whitening strips or a toothpaste designed to make the teeth brighter. Mouth trays with gel are an option along with a gel that you paint on teeth. Although these are all viable options, you won’t see the results that are seen when you visit a dentist to have the teeth whitened. This is due to not only the strength of the product, but the one-size-fits-all approach.

When you visit a dentist to have your teeth whitened, they use stronger agents which cannot be used at home as they may damage other parts of the mouth. In addition, they won’t damage tooth enamel and yet produce amazing results in only one visit. Tooth sensitivity may be an issue with teeth whitening and dentists are trained to deal with these issues if they arise which is another benefit of visiting the dentist for this procedure. One final benefit of teeth whitening with a cosmetic dentist is the length of time the treatment lasts. Most home care products must be used frequently to maintain results while in office treatments typically last one to two years. Visit a dentist for teeth whitening for the best results and an amazing smile.