Effect Of Branded Cars On Consumers}

Submitted by: Adriana Notton

Luxury in today’s world plays a very important role not only for our own comfort but also as a status symbol. Everything thing in our day to day use from the toothbrush we use to the clothes we wear defines our status. From the food we eat or the automobile we drive, brands have taken over all of it. Same goes for bikes and cars. Luxury brands have taken them to a very high level. Today, you can get cars according to your choice and comfort. Luxury brands have so vast choice to offer that you can opt for them strictly according to your convenience.

When we speak of cars, it gives us certain rush of passion and excitement. The passion and interest for its beauty, its speed, all of it give an adrenaline rush to people. Sports car brands keep the racing element alive in their manufactures. For people who like to keep it stylish and comfortable, luxury brands make cars which highly focus on the comfort level and design.

It depends totally on the consumer as to which type of car they want as market has to offer brands and types with wide variety. They not only stand as status symbol in present society but also affect the economy in a helpful way.


Industrialized countries like USA, Germany and others rely on car productions for providing employment to big number of unemployed class. If a country have more number of big brands producing this vehicle, the lower the unemployment number goes and more and more openings for job in this industry comes up. The production of cars not only helps in employment but also helps in traveling related business to be sustained in a healthy manner.

Business like motels, restaurants and filling stations which are directly or indirectly connected to serving travelers also depend on car productions. The more travelers they get, the more business and employment for this sector is and the more growth they will have and hence there will be healthy development for such businesses. Car production covers huge market in any economy because of the number of employments it provides.

The big brand names attached to this vehicle have their consumers worldwide. They distinguish themselves with other high end names with distinct style of making cars. Some concentrate on speed and power of the engine, some emphasize on comfort, design and luxury and some try to merge the speed and luxury, style and class to define their brand name and value.

Cars have taken over a major part of economic progress with the vastness of employment it provides and there is a huge fan base each brand possesses worldwide. Car productions and business related to it makes huge contribution to the economic growth. They make consumers weak on their knees with their beauty, design and comfort level and last of all brand names. They are recognized as top status symbol in the society today.

They have not only affected the growth of economy but have affected every individual and aspect of life. From freedom of journey to the comfort of the highest level, they have brought change to the modern society with a huge impact.

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