Why Dentists Should Consider Buying A Dental Practice For Sale In Arizona

byAlma Abell

Dentists should consider buying a dental practice for sale in Arizona before starting a practice from scratch. Most dental students do not receive a lot of training in business and finance before they graduate from dental school and, unfortunately, earning a dental degree does not guarantee that a dental practice will be successful. A dentist must understand business principles in order to run a successful dental business. Success will depend on their skill level, quality of business, and ability to maintain a solid client base. When purchasing a practice, dentists should look at the value instead of the price tag of the practice.


Dentists may find that by purchasing a dental practice they make more profit with less out of pocket expense in the end. Most buyers use the original seller’s name for at least a year after the purchase. Buyers also have the option of purchasing the previous owner’s phone book advertising. Financial experts and accountants recommend doing this because the tax returns and financial statements represent the financial strength of a practice from the period when the current promotions were in place. Canceling or changing advertising prior to the sale of a dental practice could lead to a drop in production and reduced patient traffic. This would result in a misrepresentation of worth of the practice and profit generating potential.

When shopping for a dental practice for sale in Arizona, buyers should seek the help of a qualified brokerage firm. This firm will have experience with buying and selling dental practices. They will also have a commitment to finding a practice that is the right fit for all potential buyers. A dental brokerage firm helps dentists who are retiring, moving, or selling their practices find qualified buyers. Brokers review hundreds of practices every year. Their financial statements, tax returns, and performance are looked at very closely. Afterwards, the broker can estimate the value of a practice, recommend a selling price, and gather interested buyers. Buyers can review a comprehensive database of dental practice listings compiled by the broker. The database will include practices for sale from multiple states. A brokerage team can simplify the buying process by providing exceptional customer service. The firm will use its wide range of contacts and network of connections to make the dental practice buying and selling process a seamless transition for their clients.