What Do Your Favorite Animals Reveal About You?}

Submitted by: Anderson Fox

Here is another fun personality test that I often use with people that can reveal a great deal about someone’s personality. I would encourage you to not only try this out for yourself, but this is a lot of fun to do with a small group of friends or relatives as well.

Before reading any further, however, I would like you to find a small sheet of paper and a pen to write down your answers as you go along. Dont bother trying to figure out what it all means at this point. Just relax and have fun with it!

The first thing I would like for you to do is to think of your favorite animal. This can be any kind of animal, from one that might be found inside your home, to one that lives deep in the jungles of Africa. Please dont overthink this, Just go with the first animal that pops into your mind and write it down.

Then I would like you to

quickly jot down three or four things that you like about this particular animal

. This could be something about the way it looks, the way it acts, or something else entirelyit doesnt matter. Just take a moment and write them down.

Now I would like you to do the same thing with

your second favorite animal

. First write down the type of animal it is, and then list three or more things that you like about this particular type of animal.


Finally, I would like for you to repeat this entire process one last time using

your third favorite animal


Please take a moment to complete your answers before continuing on to the explanation. Trust me, this particular exercise isnt going to be very fun or enlightening if you are simply reading through it.

Ready?Your Three Favorite Pets Explained:

This type of animal preference exercise has been used by therapists and researchers for years and is similar to several of the exercises that are in my

Mind Doodles

book. Simply by completing this simple personality quiz, you’ll be able to learn more about yourself and those around you.

Your Third Choice:

Lets start at the end by looking at your third favorite animal. What we are looking for here is not so much the name of the animal, but

the words you used to describe this particular animal


What words did you use here? Are they mostly positive (intelligent, strong, independent)? Or are these words more neutral sounding (loyal, cuddly, solitary)? Also if you have any negative sounding words here (loner, vicious, scavenger) -this would probably be considered a bit unusual because we are still talking about one of your favorite animals here.

The reason that we are looking at these words so closely here is that your third favorite animal is said to

represent the way in which we subconsciously see ourselves

. In other words, this animal is describing our self-image. Take a closer look and try to understand what message is being sent here?

Your First Choice:

Your first choice (or your favorite animal) is said to symbolically represent your ideal self. In other words

this is who you would like to become

. Go back and read through the words that you used to describe your favorite animal. How do these words compare to the words you used to describe your third choice? How are they alike and how are they different? What are the qualities of this animal that you admire the most but perhaps feel you have not yet achieved in your own life?

Your Second Choice:

Finally your second choice (or second favorite animal) is said to

represent the qualities that you are searching for in an ideal mate

. How do these qualities compare to the ones that you have written down for the other two animals?

Also, take a closer look at the specific words you chose to use here. Do these qualities seem active (powerful, intelligent, strong)? Or are they more passive (loyal, cuddly, beautiful)? This alone could tell you a lot about what you may be looking for in an ideal mate.

I hope that you have enjoyed this exercise! If you have found this to be informative or simply entertaining, I would encourage you to share it with someone else who you think might appreciate its unique message.

I wish you all the best.

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