Wanting Whiter Teeth? Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

Submitted by: Andrea Kalaydjian

Everyone wants brighter and whiter teeth. We are born with whiter teeth but with time they get stained and lose that whiteness. In this article I will talk about the drinks that are most likely to stain your teeth.

It does not mean that you can not have these drinks any longer, but you need to be mindful of them and take the necessary steps to wash and rinse your mouth after drinking them.

So what are the drinks that might stain your teeth?


1- Coffee. Yes that coffer that we have in the morning or all day long will definitely stain your teeth. The stringer the coffee the worst it would be. The hotter the coffee it will also be worst as the heat will open the pores in the teeth and will cause damage to the enamel. Some people suggest adding milk to your coffee to make it lighter and at the same time you would be ingesting some calcium which is good for your teeth. That depends, firstly you need to like milk to do this and not be allergic to it. Secondly I do not believe the milk has as much calcium as they makes us believe. I really doubt the milk in the coffee will make a difference in the stain.

2- Tea: The darker the tea the more it will stain. Rather try to drink herbal teas instead of black tea. Also like coffee you do not want to drink your tea too hot or icy cold as it will damage your enamel.

3- Red wine is highly acidic, Red wine can damage the enamel of your teeth due to the polyphenols it contains. So when drinking red wine, drink a glass of water afterwards or try to rinse your teeth afterwards. You may also want to replace red wine by white wine.

4- Cola. Any dark and colourful cola will stain your teeth. Colas and drinks not only will stain your teeth but also have lots of sugar that are bad for your teeth. People also drink the sodas quite cold, which will help opening the teeth, pores and staining teeth easily. If you must drink sodas and colas try to drink them with a straw so that the contact with your teeth is minimum. Just one word of advice with sodas, please do not encourage your children to drink them. Colas are really bad for young children teeth. It is really sad to see the amount of young children with tooth decay. Remember children will copy you, and if you are drinking colas your kids will copy you.

5- Cranberry juice and any other dark juice. Juices are full of sugar. Even if they say no sugar added, I would be careful about them. The sugar is bad for your teeth and the enamel in your teeth. Take the precaution and rinse your mouth or brush teeth after drinking juice. Special note of warning, never give a bottle of juice to your child when they are going to sleep. The juice on the teeth will cause tooth decay very quickly in young children.

6- Popsicles: Although not a proper drink, popsicles are enjoyed by the children but it will not only stain the tongue but the teeth also. Being cold the stain will be absorbed easily by the teeth. Not good. For your and your kids.

After having any of these, please make sure you rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Warning, do not brush your teeth straight after having red wine as it can be harmful for the teeth enamel.

You can try brushing teeth with baking soda once every week or two weeks to keep your clean whiter and brighter

About the Author: Brushing teeth with baking soda will help keep your teeth whiter and brighter. There are more natural methods to keep your teeth whiter For more information visit




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