Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cheaper And Better Result}

Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cheaper And Better Result


Kim Sam

The cost of having cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery has been rising significantly these days when you want to do it in US or in Europe. Cost for face lift for example could reach more than U$10,000 and liposuction and tummy tuck can go over U$ 30,000. Therefore, many prospective clients who dont have that much money have to work harder to collect more money or for those who cant afford this, they simply bury their dream of having a new look.

However, this is not the end of your hope. Many people (and perhaps this could also be you) still dont know that there are many options to have cheaper plastic surgery without sacrificing the result. There are plenty cosmetic surgery clinics in India, Thailand, Venezuela, Brazil and even at Bali – Indonesia that can give even better result than many clinics in US with cheaper cost.

What you need to do is browse through internet using the keywords of “plastic surgery abroad” on the google search. You will be surprised with your finding that there are thousands of pages about this result. You can visit each website on the first 4 pages of the google search and start comparing what they offer.


One important element that you need to do on the first time is to check the qualifications of their medical expert team to minimize the possibility of having malpractice. High quality cosmetic surgery clinics must publish their medical expert team on their respective website complete with their curriculum vitae and their specializations.

After that, you need to contact each of the clinic to find out as much information as you need, from the cost until the possible risks. They should inform you clearly before hands about what to expect as the result of any plastic surgery and they are obliged to answer whatever your questions as prospective customer as much detailed as you need.

Most clinics provide customer service email address, online chat as well as hot line numbers (some are often international toll-free numbers).

One good example is if you plan to have a dental surgery at Bali Dental Clinic – Bali (Indonesia). The doctors are coming from Australia, Germany and USA. They are all highly qualified and the results are sophisticated. The whole costs (including airfares, accommodation plus the surgery) are just 30 to 40% of what you pay in US.

So, while doing some high level of medical treatments, you can still enjoy the beauty one of the world best paradises and stay at one of luxurious villas from the network of and still it won’t cost you much.

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Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cheaper And Better Result}