Dentist In Reading: Get Your Teeth Repaired In Just One Visit}

Dentist In Reading: Get Your Teeth Repaired In Just One Visit


Affordable Dental SolutionsIn a dental clinic, a dentist presents a wide number of services to restore your damaged teeth. Some of the services are crowns, dentures, implants, sedation dentistry and so on. A dentist in Reading is a specialized professional who has proficient knowledge in handling all such treatments. Let’s have a brief overview of the Crowns. What are dental crowns? What are the different types of crowns?

A dental crown refers to a cap used to cover a natural tooth to strengthen and improve its color and shape. A dental cap is of two types, such as traditional crowns and CEREC crowns. These CEREC crowns have gained much importance in today’s scenario as they are more effective than those of traditional dental caps. CEREC is among the latest dental procedures that allows a dentist in Reading to repair and restore teeth in just a single visit. It usually uses strong, natural tooth colored ceramic materials. CEREC is specifically used to create onlays, crowns, and inlays, and inlays for restoring damaged teeth.

CEREC technology utilizes Computer Aided Design in order to create a crown. Along with the computer software, CEREC also includes a milling machine used to manufacture the crowns. Traditional crowns are made using either metal, resin, or ceramic. On the other hand, CEREC crowns are made using ceramic material only. Ceramic material has a lot of benefits over other substances. The ceramic material is very esthetic and looks similar to natural teeth showing same kind of translucence. Ceramic material has a long lasting appearance and a strong base as well. CEREC crowns are mainly preferred by a dentist in Reading.

A CEREC crown uses computer technology that reduces the production time required to design a crown. By using a digital 3D camera it creates a digital image on the computer screen. The software enables the dentist in Reading to use a small camera in the mouth to visualize the clear images. This camera may help the dentist in identifying the exact location of the tooth that needs a crown. The computer-aided design software allows the dentist to repair the teeth according to the dental needs. The best thing is that computer software completely eliminates the possibility of human error.


CEREC crowns have many benefits over traditional crowns. CEREC crowns required just one visit to a dental clinic, whereas traditional crowns demand multiple sessions. Hence, using the CEREC crown is a hassle free treatment and less time consuming too. Using a ceramic crown has been clinically proven by the dentist in Reading

. The main several reasons that, why one should opt for CEREC crowns, such as:

Single visit procedure

Natural looking smile

Strengthening of your teeth

No use of uncomfortable impression trays

Lengthening a tooth that has been broken down

Use of natural color matched ceramic only

Covering a dental implant

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