Consulting A Divorce Attorney In Williston, Nd About Extreme Cruelty In Your Marriage

byAlma Abell

In North Dakota, extreme cruelty is identified as fault-based grounds in divorce proceedings. It indicates several possible occurrences linked to excessive abuse. The intentions of these acts are to create a disturbance of peace of mind, sanity or happiness of either party. They are identified in court proceedings, as intolerable acts, which lead the petitioner to leave the marriage.

What Acts or Misconduct Constitutes Extreme Cruelty?

Abuse of any kind is included under these grounds. This includes physical, mental, or emotional torment. Erratic behaviors in which the threat of abuse was used to manipulate or control a spouse fall within this category. Spousal abuse as a direct result of drug or alcohol abuse are additionally identified under this ground. Domestic violence is a crime, if you are the victim of these acts, you should contact a Divorce Attorney in Williston ND area to obtain an order of protection.

Acts Against the Will of a Spouse

To identify further acts as extreme, they must render the petitioner into a state of mind that is detrimental. They must be ruled intentional and voluntary acts of the party indicated. This includes abnormal sexual demands or those, which could be deemed depraved. Acts that indicate dominance of a spouse, unlawful restraint, or the demand of deviant sexual acts are deemed extreme. Sexual cruelty or assault by a spouse is identified as a convictable crime. If you were sexually assaulted by your spouse, a Divorce Attorney can help you.

Abuse Through Religion

The use of religious beliefs to control, manipulate, or achieve any desired outcome that goes against the will of a spouse can be used to prove extreme cruelty. This includes but not limited to the use of religion in an attempt to admit a spouse into a psychiatric facility. It also identifies the threat to end the marriage or performance of any abuse-based outcome, if a spouse refuses to comply with demands based on religious beliefs.

According to North Dakota divorce laws, each party in a marriage is a human being and should be treated as such. A failure to comply with domestic violence laws in the state is a crime and identified as legal grounds to end the marriage. If you were treated inhumanely during your marriage, you should contact a Divorce Attorney in Williston ND to represent you.

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