What Is The Difference Between A Salon And A Day Spa Excursion?

By Tony Lu

A lot of people use the same terminology for a salon and a day spa, even though they are two separate types of business. No matter which one you are talking about usually a sense of excitement and anticipation creeps into your mind as attending either is usually a treat. So that leads us to our question. What is the difference between a salon and a day spa?

The biggest difference between both is that one involves short visits and the other involves just as it states, usually a full day visit. Although both offer a variety of different services, the services themselves are what differ in length and complication in which to complete.

The main services that both places would offer, are hair cuts and styling and in a lot of cases tanning. As well as general waxing, makeup services and sometimes manicures.

The services offered at a day spa that would not be offered anywhere else would be things such as full body scrubs and wraps. Usually it would include hot tubs or steam baths, cellulite treatments and collagen injections. Facials and detoxification therapies along with anything you could think of for full body pampering including multiple forms of massage.


As you are at one establishment for an entire day, they usually offer snacks and lunches, as well as your choice of beverages. Most are organic of healthy nature. All are served in an elegant manner while you are enjoying your other services. And of course anything you want to drink from teat to coffee, juice and in some places wine and or Campaign.

Another distinct difference is that there are hundreds of different types of full day businesses. Destination types would be you stay so many nights and it is based on a specific theme such as health and fitness. Another would be Medical which would focus on botox injections and laser treatments. Mineral spring spas would utilize hydrotherapy treatments with sea or mineral water.

There are different types of salons however the difference in their services is usually illustrated in the price. If it is basic hair cut, style and makeup services, there are no appointments necessary. Going up to a middle priced means that usually they have a bit more to offer such as waxing, hair extensions, makeup and an appointment is preferred however they will fit you in if they can walking right off the street. The next category is the high priced which provide manicures and pedicures, all the latest technology of hair design and you are not seen without an appointment.

With both full day and non businesses there are a wide variety of deals and packages to choose from. Whether you want a full day of pampering or just the basics, or you want a haircut and a wax at the same time. Most of the establishments will provide a price cut with the more services that you wish to purchase.

I hope that with this information it has given a brief indication on, what is the difference between a salon and a day spa? Between both types of businesses they are a luxury that most of us partake in as much as we can. As most people spend quite a bit of their days either taking care of their families, or working stressful jobs, having these two service providers available makes a lot of peoples days.

About the author, Toronto Spa business is growing business in Toronto, which cares about your beauty and health. Supported by add your link.

About the Author: Toronto Spa business is growing business in Toronto, which cares about your beauty and health. Supported by add your link

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