Jcaho: Joint Commission On Accreditation Of Healthcare Organizations: 7 Things To Know

By Greg Garner

Health care providers or workers in the health care industry have found that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) training is essential for meeting certain accreditation requirements. JCAHO’s responsibility is to evaluate companies’ ability to provide health care services. If companies do not meet these requirements, your healthcare company may lose patients and ultimately its license to practice.

— JCAHO is designed to train general practices, psychiatric offices, nursing homes, and assisted living communities into compliance with agency standards. Accreditation helps these healthcare businesses win and retain patients by giving a visible certification of quality care and excellence. The JCAHO stamp of approval will show patients that your healthcare organization fulfills state licensure requirements and well as professional excellence.

— There are JCAHO software packages that can help train your staff and provide them with the latest safety procedures and quality care requirements. When a surveyor comes to inspect your site, there will be no question that you are compliant. MSDA solutions companies should also be able to offer help to satisfy compliance standards. Training will save thousands of dollars, stress, and complications.


— There are nearly 15,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the United States. The not for profit independent JCAHO will evaluate and accredit these organizations to provide predominant standards setting for healthcare organizations.

— Train healthcare employees in hospitals and obtain JCAHO accreditation as a marketing tool. The Medicare Act of 1965 has declared that accredited hospitals must satisfy federal health and safety requirements necessary to receive Medicare benefits and payments.

Training will ensure that these rules and standards are met and applied.

— Further marketing as a by-product of employee JCAHO accreditation and training will allow your establishment to advertise that you are a healthcare enterprise of quality and have proven standards and training. Approximately 80 percent of the 6,000 hospitals in the United States have JCAHO training and accreditation and more are complying.

— JCAHO is a campaign that will bring together accredited healthcare organizations and industry performers to improve healthcare and patient safety. Lowering the cost of healthcare is also a goal. Healthcare organizations need specific guidance and rules in order to solve critical safety, privacy, and quality problems. Accredited organizations with trained staff can use resources that are developed and tested in collaboration with organization standards to ensure that patients receive quality care.

— JCAHO training comprises the following courses and education: abuse, neglect and exploitation, AID s in the workplace, back care and ergonomics, blood borne pathogens, electrical safety and fire safety patient evacuations. Employees and healthcare workers also need to be trained in hazard communications, latex allergies, lifting and transferring patients and knowing patient rights. Furthermore it is very important that workers recognize how to prevent hepatitis B in the workplace, be schooled in laboratory safety, know the rules and use of personal protective equipment, be aware of electricity dangers, and know all legal aspects of sexual harassment from other employees, patients, and supervisors.

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