Cross Country Moving With A Small Load Mover}

Cross Country Moving With a Small Load Mover


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When it comes to cross country moving, be aware that moving prices are not necessarily proportional to the size of your load. You could end up paying more for a small load than for a large load when you hire a long distance moving company.

This is because cross country and other long distance movers usually have minimum weight requirements. Even if your load weighs less than the minimum, youll be charged for the minimum. Different cross country and long distance movers have different minimum weights, but even if your load weighs less, youre stuck paying the minimum.

There are ways around cross country moving with a company that charges a minimum, each with its pros and cons. You can rent a truck and drive it cross country yourself, although that may not be possible for you; You can rent a moving container or space on a freight truck, in which case your belongings will be secured and sealed off from other peoples items. If you choose this option, keep in mind that fragile or delicate furniture may undergo damage as freight movers generally provide curbside pickup and delivery and no white glove service.

Your best bet is to find a small load moverone that specializes in small loads for cross country moving. The pros to hiring a small load mover include that your furniture will go on a truck with small loads belonging to other people where there will be no minimum charge, rather you will be charged based on the weight of your items. Further, your items will be handled by professional movers rather than a freight carrier, so you are less likely to suffer damages.

How do you know if you should look into a small load mover that does cross country moving in place of a solely long distance moving company? Anything less than a full house move usually fits the description. Young professionals who need to relocate to a new apartment, college students moving a few boxes to or from school, single parents moving only a few furniture items, or even seniors in the middle of downsizing are the ideal candidates for small load moves.

Maybe you are not moving at all and just need to ship items across country, such as a small load of furniture that you are shipping to a relative cross country, or an eBay or Amazon purchase that you need to ship to a buyer in another state, or a small load of Christmas gifts that need to reach your hometown on the other side of the nation. Whatever you moving situation, you can avoid minimums on your cross country move by finding a small load mover near you!

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Cross Country Moving With a Small Load Mover}